Visit Tarkarli Beach and Enjoy Nature’s Best Gifts

In recent times, many tourists are exploring a beautiful town in Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra state in India, called Malvan. It is immensely popular for its historical fort, the Sindhudurg Fort. The town is also known for its variety of Alphonso mangoes and sweets like Malvani Khaja and Malvani Ladoo. An important cultural attraction of this region is a play based on mythological tales, called Malvani Dashavtar. Tourists would have several attractions to explore during their vacation spent in this town. A visit to Tarkarli Beach is always recommended for tourists of Malvan, as it is a serene beach located at a distance of about 8 kilometres from the town.
Tarkarli Beach, Malvan
This beach has a long coastline and clear waters, which offers an ideal setting to all the travellers looking forward to spend some memorable moments in the midst of serene natural surroundings. It is located at the confluence of Arabian Sea and Karli River. There are many things to do in Tarkarli for individuals seeking plenty of fun and adventure. Sighting dolphins and indulging in the exciting water-sports like white water rafting are some of the activities that visitors of this beach can enjoy. Mahapurush Temple and Vitthal Temple are the interesting attractions that one can visit in Tarkarli.

Malvan is the nearest town from where travellers can get to Tarkarli without any difficulty. They can take the State Transport buses or private luxury buses available from several cities and towns nearby. Private vehicles can also be hired by tourists to reach this beach comfortably. Those looking for a pleasant stay in hotels in Tarkarli can book their accommodation in Hotel Sagar Kinara. Having an accommodation in this hotel would give them great convenience in visiting Tarkarli. Among the facilities of this hotel is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves delicious varieties of local as well as other popular cuisines.