Experience the Enchanting Exquisiteness of Malvan Beaches

Malvan is an immensely popular tourist destination in Maharashtra. The historical significance of this place adds to its popularity. This town is surrounded with numerous castles and unexplored beaches, so you are definitely going to have a blast here. In order to enhance the amount, you can visit here with a bunch of friends. Spend time on beaches of Malvan during morning hours and party all night.
Malvan Beach
This beautiful town is immensely popular for offering wide range of mangoes. The most popular variety available in this town is Malvani Hapus or Alphonso. Malvan is an ideal destination for all those individuals who are madly in love with nature and want to spend their holidays on peaceful beaches and serene seashores.

Sindhudurg fort, Tarkarli beach, Malvan beach, and Tondavali beach are some of the best attractions in Malvan.

Although the tourist season starts form Mid October and lasts up to mid May. In fact, these months can also be considered the best time to visit Malvan. You can even visit this place from November to February during the winter season. But, if you are planning to visit here during winter season, then you should carry the necessary clothing because the temperature falls extremely low during this time.

Make your Celebration a Grand Affair in Malvan

There are many tourists who like to visit Malvan during the Christmas season. Around this time of the year, climate of this town is extremely pleasant and best suited for tourism. They can also witness some grand festivities at certain places in this fantastic town. Malvan is also well-known for its excellent beaches. A trip to Malvan during the Christmas season would give you and your family members some memorable moments to cherish for a very long time.
Wish you Merry Christmas
Christians in India begin preparing for Christmas well in advance. They hang beautiful lanterns outside their homes, mostly the star-shaped ones. A Christmas tree is also one of the most essential aspects of their decorations. Also placed in a chosen corner outside their homes are the images of infant Jesus and other Biblical characters to celebrate the Nativity.

If you are in Malvan to make your Christmas memorable, you would definitely need a comfortable accommodation. A stay in any of the rooms or suites of Hotel Sagar Kinara, Malvan can not only help you celebrate Christmas season with your family in a big way, but also give you the chance to visit some of the most interesting places in the town. We at Hotel Sagar Kinara wish you and everyone in the family a ‘Merry Christmas’.