Did You Know Sindhudurg is a Fort as well as District?

The main popularity of Malvan lies in none other than its most renowned Sindhudurg fort which was built right in the sea waters by Raja Shivaji, The Legendry King of Maratha, known for his guerilla warfare tactics and great administration. Malvan is followed by Goa which is why a lot of tourists flock here every season. The District is known after this fort. Since the fort is built within an islet of Arabian Sea it is popular amongst the Historians as well as various other research fields. No doubt it is the primary choice of people living in Maharashtra if they feel like planning having a weekend getaway and spend time with family. They don’t have to worry about accommodation thankfully since there is a lot of improvement in this field.

Now-a-days you find very great Hotels in Malvan with multicuisine dining facilities and luxury amenities and accommodation facilities for rooms making your vacations an experience by itself. Malvan Natives are very cooperative. Especially those who have migrated to Metros for jobs always visit their village at least one time in a year wherever there are. People of Malvan basically live a very tradition and culture driven lifestyles and are conservative in their outlook. But they are at par with everybody else when it comes to modernization.