Temples of Malvan an Identity of Faith and Belief

Maharashtra is well known for its historic and cultural past which is the gift of its pious ancestors and the residents of the state having great faith in god. Maratha kings who ruled this territory were keen in maintaining ancient temples and building new ones. This resulted in carrying forward heritage of the state in different places spread around its peripheries. Malvan is also not an exception. This small town of Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra has many popular historic temples, which are still kept and maintained in a good condition. Some of these temples are said to be Jagrut Devasthans meaning the deities in this temples fulfil the wishes of the devotees.

Jai Ganesh Mandir, Malvan
From the long list of temples in Malvan we will know more about the Rameshswar mandir. Achara is a beautiful small village in Malvan, which was gifted as jagir by the kings in old times. Normally an inam or jagir is given by a king or a rich person to another person but in case of Achara the donor was a king but receiver was not a human being the property was given to  Shri Dev Rameshwar. A historical Lord Shiva temple is one of the attractions of this village but incidently lord Shiva in this temple was referred to as inamdar Shri Dev Rameshwar. It is assumed by the villagers that the deity is sensitive to the pleas of its devotees, hence it is also refered as Jagrut Devasthan. Records in the temple say that it was constructed in 1684 AD.

Bharadi Ddevi Mandir Malvan
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the great Maratha king had generously donated for the renovation of this temple. Even Kanoji Angre the naval chief was also concerned about it. This arrangement was continued further in the regimes of Peshwas. Post-independence period is not an exception. Various traditional activities are still performed with same zeal and charm. Some of the biggest celebrations at the temple are Ramanawami, Kartikostav, Dashahara, Hanuman Jayanti, and Mahashivaratri. Visit this awesome destination in Malvan during one of the above festivals. There are plenty of hotels with some of the best facilities. You can stay at one of the best hotels of the region like "Hotel Sagar Kinara" which is rated on the top by the visitors to Malvan.