Dashavatar, a Popular Entertainment Drama in Malvan

Indian history is brimming with mythological legends and stories narrated in many of the religious scriptures and books. One such saga is the Dashavatar, related to the ten Avatars of Vishnu, the Hindu God. Based on the theme that whenever some evil powers create difficulty for the religious minded devotees, Vishnu takes birth to destroy such evil powers, Dashavatar   is a very popular theatrical drama, part of the folk art of Malvan, a small town in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra in India.
Dashavatar Drama in malvan
Presented in a fun and comical manner, Dashavatar is an integral part of the cultural space of Malvan where the incidents and dialogues make it very difficult for the audience to control their laughter. Folk art in India is a powerful medium for  creating awareness about certain malpracticesin the society such as blind faith, among the rural masses. People are made aware of how some cunning people take advantage of their ignorance and illiteracy in order to exploit them.

Dashavatar with its perfect balance of education and entertainment  is the most popular event attended by villagers. Dramas and dance events in Konkan, more so in Malvan to be precise, are held annually in the temples during various festivals. The fun part of these dramas is that all the characters  are played by male actors including the female parts. In order to playthe female parts, male artists dress up as women which in itself is a huge source of entertainment for the public.
Malvani Dashavatar Drama
Dashavatar begins with the first incarnation of Vishnu that is the Matsay Avatar and ends with a blessing by Vishnu to Shankasura. People enjoy this play at the time of the Mahapuja of the Gram Devata which starts late in the evening and often continues through the night.Aatdashavatar, a modified version of Dashavatar, begins with the praise of Ganesha followed by the killing of the devil Shankasura in the first part whilst part two consists of mythological stories presented in an interesting form hugelypopular withthe locals of Malvan.

There are many such interesting occasions celebrated throughout the year in Malvan and it is this period of celebrations which is the best time to visit Malvan. Malvan is packed with a whole lot of tourist attractions and the beaches in Malvan  top the list.