Gudi Padwa in Malvan Calls for Grand Celebrations

People of Maharashtra celebrate their New Year on first day of the Hindu month, Chaitra, which falls usually in the last week of March or the first week of April. This day is known as Gudi Padwa among the Maharashtrians, and is celebrated in many other parts of India owing to its significance. It marks the beginning of spring season in India, and finds mention in Brahma Purana, one of the ancient Hindu texts. The history of gudi padwa dates back to the ancient times, when Lord Brahma recreated this world after a massive devastation. Considered by Hindus as a very auspicious occasion, one can witness grand festivities on this particular day.

The festival begins with a cleaning ritual, which involves cleaning the entire house and making beautiful designs with coloured powder, known as 'Raangoli'. Some draw fascinating gudi padwa images on the Raangoli using vibrant colours, keeping up with the spirit of this festival. Everyone wears new clothes and enjoy some special dishes made for this occasion, such as, Shrikhand and Poori. Some enthusiastic individuals also put on gudi padwa wallpapers on their desktops or smartphones. In the earlier times, people used to begin this day by eating the leaves of 'Neem' tree. Today, most of the families consume a paste of neem leaves, which is combined with jaggery, carom seeds and tamarind.

Malvan is a town in Maharashtra, which has a great cultural and historical significance. Its people also celebrate this festival by exchanging gudi padwa wishes with their close friends and relatives. Tourists visiting Malvan around this time of the year would witness some amazing events associated with this festival in the hotel or resort where they have booked their stay. Most of the hotels in Malvan organize events that can be a good source of gudi padwa information for the tourists.

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Malvan

Mumbai has plenty of beautiful gateways to visit like Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Shirdi, Alibag and last but not the least Malvan, a paradise for seafood lovers. This beautiful tourist destination in Maharashtra is attracting hundreds of picnickers, leisure tourists and adventure lovers who come here to enjoy a few days in the vicinity of serene and tranquil seaside of Malvan. In this blog we will get acquainted with some of the popular malvan tourist places. In last few years this region has developed into a splendid hot spot for visitors. Places to visit near Malvan includes serene beaches, ancient historical forts, temples and above all hill stations like Amboli.

Tourists visiting this destination have lots of options to select from the pile of places to see in Malvan as well as some of the beautiful places near Malvan. Beaches of Malvan are the best to explore during the summer months of February to May. Some of the popular beaches of Malvan can be listed as Tarkarli, Vengurla, Achara, Devbag, Shiroda, Bhogawe and Malvan beach. Malvan beach is one of the best beaches of the region which is neighbored by many popular bars and restaurants, where tourists can relax and have fun. It is the best place to mingle with the locals and purchase Malvan goodies as well as some well known eatables of the region. Tarkarli beach having a splendid stretch of crystal clear water with visibility up to twenty feet is best for adventure and water sports. The beach beautifully lined with tall suru trees on the backdrop offers scenic views due to the colorful sailboats anchored on the banks of the river. Achara beach located at around twenty km from Malvan is one of the charming beaches best for sunbathing and swimming. The shores of this beach rich in fish and marine life are best for angling. Other Malvan places to visit during your vacation are ancient forts of Sindhudurg, Vijaydurg and Padmadurg.

Explore Malvan and its huge tourist potential during your visit of this destination in Maharashtra in a most economical way by staying in a budget hotel. Hotel Sagar Kinara located near Malvan beach is the best place providing budget accommodation in Malvan.