Splendid Republic Day Celebrations In Malvan

Republic Day is celebrated by people of India with great enthusiasm, and some amazing festivities can be witnessed in all the states, cities and villages across the country. Most popular among all the republic day celebrations in India is the grand parade; which is held in New Delhi, the country's capital. Regiments from the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force put up a great show, as they march in their uniforms with official decorations. As it is a national holiday, people across the country have an opportunity to celebrate this occasion in their own special way.

Malvan, a town in Sindhudurg District, also witnesses huge celebrations of Republic Day, especially in the educational institutions. Students of many schools participate in parades that are held in the morning on this occasion. The streets come alive with similar activities, while there are flag-hoisting ceremonies organized at many places. These republic day celebrations attract plenty of onlookers, that may include tourists who are in this region for a vacation. Malvan has an important place in the history of Maharashtra, and one can understand it from the historical sites like Sindhudurg fort, which was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The republic day celebrations in Malvan remind its local population of the sacrifices that their ancestors have made in order to obtain freedom for their country.

Tourists visiting Malvan during this fabulous day, can get a chance to celebrate Republic Day with the locals. The presence of many hotels and resorts in this region would enable them to book an accommodation at attractive rates. Booking their stay in a best hotel in Malvan may bring them an opportunity to celebrate 26 January Republic Day during their vacation, as all the popular hotels organize special events on this occasion. They may also get to savour some fantastic delicacies of Malvan on this day.

Witness Anganewadi Jatra an Exclussive Event in Malvan

Bharadi Devi Temple is one of the popular attractions in Malvan, which is visited by devotees and tourists alike. The Bharadi Devi Mandir Anganewadi residents visit, is located in a small village known as Masure. As the legend goes, Goddess Bharadi Devi took the form of a stone plaque, hundreds of years ago. Since then, the site of Bharadi Devi Anganewadi Malvan has become famous for its annual fair. The wish-fulfilling power of this Goddess is well-known, and this is the reason why people from all walks of life come from distant places to seek her blessings.
bharadi devi mandir, anganewadi jatra
The date of Anganewadi Fair or Anganewadi Jatra is declared after a ritual, which is attended by thousands of devotees. The Anganewadi Jatra 2014 date has been decided as 15th of February. It would be a wonderful opportunity for tourists visiting Malvan city to experience the grandeur of this fair. They can either choose public transport or hire a private vehicle for getting to Anganewadi. On the first day of Anganewadi fair, the plaque of Goddess Bharadi Devi is adorned by a mask and several ornaments. A female member from each family joins the effort of preparing food, in an event known as 'Taate Lawane'. On the next day of this fair, the rituals begin at 4:00 in the morning and continue till afternoon. The Anganewadi Fair 2014 promises to be great event for all the devotees and tourists.
Shri Bharadi Devi Mandir
 People coming from distant places to be a part of the fair, would find comfortable accommodations in the resorts and hotels in Malvan, located close to Anganewadi. Going to the Anganewadi Jatra is made simple with the arrangement of transportation from the location of these hotels or resorts. Tourists coming to Malvan can look forward to being a part of Bharadi Devi Jatra 2014 with such kind of assistance.