Bhagwati Devi Temple of Malvan One of the Nine Important Temples

Konkan is blessed with many places of worship but the most popular among them are the nine important temples of goddesses located at different places. Bhagwati temple located at Dhamapur between Kudal and Malvan is one of the nine temples, which is deeply worshipped by the residents of this region. Bhagwati temple in Malvan is popular among the locals as “Jagrut Devasthan” or active place of worship, meaning whatever you ask from this deity you are supposed to get it within a stipulated time period. Devotees as well as tourist visit this place, which is popular for its easy access from the major towns of Malvan, the legendary lake in front of the temple and the scenic beauty of the surrounding region.
Bhagwati Devi Malvan
Bhagwati Devi temple became popular due the famous legend associated with the lake which is tucked in front of the temple. The legend says that in ancient time’s poor villagers of Dhamapur ahead of a marriage used to dip a basket full of flowers in the lake. Afterwards when the basket was withdrawn from the lake the flowers used to get changed into gold ornaments. These ornaments were taken by the poor villagers on a condition that they will be returned after the marriage was over. This legend had made the deity and Goddess Bhagwati temple very much popular in the nearby area, attracting people from many parts of Malvan to this “Jagrut Devasthan” for asking something from the goddess called Nawas. After the request is fulfilled they come again to the temple along with offerings for the deity. Bhagwati temple map clearly shows its location amidst other popular places.
Bhagwati Devi Temple Malvan

Bhagwati temple photos give clear idea about its serene surroundings neighbored by a lake. There is an array of tourist destination around this temple. Come to Dhamapur for getting the blessings of Devi Bhagwati. There are plenty of hotels near bhagwati temple with some of the best facilities. Since it is located near Malvan you can stay at one of the best hotels of the region like "Hotel Sagar Kinara" which is rated on the top by the visitors to Malvan.