Unique Rock Garden in Malvan

Malvan is a most talked about city of Sindhudurg district and a prospering tourist destination of Maharashtra. It represents the cultural and historical heritage of the region with many ancient temples, forts and places of religious worship. Maharashtra state tourism department has offered many privileges and facilities to this town to make it a popular tourist attraction. rock garden in Malvan is a best place to relax on the rocks and enjoy the calm of the sea side.
rock garden in Malvan
Malvan’s pride lies in its invincible natural resources and it’s more talked about beaches which are spread across a long coastal line. These beaches have made their own identity as the unspoilt places to relax and get recharged. Malvan is a fishing port and is adorned with fine sandy beaches lined beautifully with dense forests of coconut palms, bitternut and jackfruit trees. Some of the major Attractions of Malvan include the historic Sindhudurg fort built by the great Maratha leader Shivaji maharaj and serene beaches like Tarkarli, Tondavali, Chivala, as well as mobor. A well landscaped malvan rock garden is also one of the popular places located at half kilometer distance from Malvan jetty near Arase Mahal. Rock garden Malvan photos show the details of each section of the garden in details. This garden offers a fantastic view of the wide spread Chivala beach. Unlike other gardens this garden is unique in its nature since there is no sand but a carpet of huge rocks and green lawns. Cool breeze of the Arabian Sea, refreshing surroundings and the rhythmic sound of the wavers striking the rocks are the things to be experienced here. This is also the best place to view romantic sunset on backdrop of the shining sea. These huge rocks make a good shelter for many reptiles and small creatures. In the evening crabs are seen walking beautifully on the rocks of the rock garden.
malvan rock garden
In proportion to the tourists arriving at this destination there are enough hotels and other means of accommodations available in Malvan. There are many hotels near rock garden which invite the tourists for a refreshing vacation in the vicinity of the sea.