Our Lady Of Rosary Church In Malvan

Tourists visiting Malvan know very little about a glorious church in this town, which is considered to be among the most beautiful ones in Sindhudurg District. It is popularly known as lady of Rosary Church among locals, who visit this church in great numbers. It has a unique architecture and sits peacefully amidst green natural surroundings. This church can be seen even from Rajkot's rocky shore nearby.
Our Lady of Rosary Church, Malvan

History of this church dates back to the early nineteenth century, when the foundations for building a chapel was first laid. The present Rosary church was built and inaugurated in the early twentieth century. Today, many of the tourists visit this church while touring the popular attractions of Malvan. The architecture of Our Lady Of Rosary Church impresses them so much that most of them take photographs of it. Some visitors are all praise for the lovely Goanese music played by this church. The Lady of Rosary Church, Malvan is surrounded by a serene atmosphere as this region is not much crowded. For those who prefer to stay nearby, there are many hotels that offer comfortable accommodations for tourists. A stay in one of these hotels would enable travellers to visit the Lady of Rosary Church, Sindhudurg at their convenience. Best time to visit this region is during the months of December and January, when the climate is pleasant and best suited for tourism.

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