Vijaydurg Fort Popular Historic Monument of Malvan

Malvan in monsoon season becomes more attractive with an exclusive green cover and cool weather. Among the many attractions of Malvan the forts are offering best platform to enjoy monsoon drizzles. Vijaydurg fort is the oldest among the forts on the Sindhudurg coast. Shivaji the great Maratha leader conquered this fort from the Mughal king Adil Shah of Bijapur in the 17th century and renamed it as Vijaydurg meaning fort of victory. Vijay durg fort is located on a huge seventeen acre plot on the mouth of Vaghotan River and covered with Arabian Sea from the sides.
vijaydurg fort malvan
Monsoon in Malvan can be enjoyed with one of the attractive monsoon packages which offer the real taste of the season and some rich taste of Malvan cuisine. Among the places to visit Vijaydurg fort is one of the historically important sites in Sindhudurga, this fort still stands in good condition and it is one of the best tourist attractions to be visited during your Malvan visit. It offers an insight into how forts of the Maratha period were constructed and divided into different parts. Major places inside the fort like kitta sadar, Jakhinis Canon, Kothi Pirachi Sadar, and the long platform built inside deep sea for guarding the fort are really notable. Vijaydurg fort history reminds about its glory around three hundred years back and brings forward the memories of Maratha rule. This fort was supposed to be the symbol of strength of Maratha navy during the Portuguese rule. Many new features were added to this already strong fort by Shivaji the great visionary of those days. He added many new attractive features including the three huge fort walls in parallel lines, many new watch towers and the huge interior buildings. History of Vijaydurg fort shows that after its construction in the 13th Century it was dominated by the Yadvas in 1218, in 1354 it was under Vijay nagar kings rule and in 1565 Mughals defeated the king and captured this fort. In 1653 Shivaji Maharaj captured the fort and named it Vijaydurg whereas in 1738 Sambhaji Angre reversed British attack and finally in 1818 it was captured by the British regime. Vijaydurg fort map clearly reveals the locations of important places inside the fort.
vijaydurg fort
Malvan in Maharashtra is the treasure of historical places and many other alluring tourist attractions to visit. Due to the increasing influx of tourists to this hotspot of Maharashtra many new hotels and resorts are mushrooming in this region. Budget hotels in Malvan are becoming the first choice of tourists.

Malvan in Monsoon is Awesome

Normally it is seen that travel experts mostly advice to avoid visiting tourist places in Monsoon or rainy season but there is an exception to this trend, where a destination is more enjoyable in the Monsoon season. This exceptional location is Malvan, which is located in the vicinity of Mumbai and Goa. Summers are harsh and humid whereas monsoon brings the majesty of a green cover dotted with neat and clean beaches looking fresh as if they are cleaned with early monsoon showers. Monsoon packages in malvan will introduce this bewitching destination at an affordable cost.

Monsoon Packages In Malvan

Malvan beaches sublimed with dense greenery at the backdrop, offer a feel of some untouched location and an isolated paradise during Monsoon. Here you can absorb the real fun of monsoon showers in a unique surrounding. Malvan Monsoon packages will shape your monsoon visit in such a way that you can explore maximum tourist potential hidden at this location. There is no limit to enjoy fun at Malvan beaches as this destination is blessed with exclusively long coastal line. Monsoon holiday package in Malvan offered during onset of the rainy season is the best for the youngsters as well as the honeymoon couples, who get a better opportunity of exploring the natural richness of this place. Tourists from other parts of India can grab the best opportunity of witnessing the credibility of monsoon holiday packages in Maharashtra which offer a chance to come closer to natures bounty dispersed in this coastal azure.

Malvan the beauty spot of Maharashtra tourism has plenty of places to explore and a natural touch in its hospitality. Malvan hotels monsoon packages will show you the correct way of exploring this region during this specific period. Monsoon packages of Hotel Sagar Kinara are tailor made packages offering you the real fun of monsoon drizzles at selected places saving your time as well as money.