Kunkeshwar Temple - Popular Spot near Devgad

Devgad is a beautiful coastal town in Sindhudurg district tucked alongside the Arabian Sea, which is more popular for its cultivation of Alphonso mango. It is well known for a few more things like harbor, the beach and ancient lighthouse built in 1915. Fort Vijaydurga is the pride of this tiny town located near Kankavli on Mumbai Goa road. Fishing is the main occupation in this region. Some of the ancient temples of Devgad like Bhagwati temple, Vishweswarayya and Kunkeshwar temple are the must visit places during your Malvan visit. The location of the temples can be easily traced from the Kunkeshwar map
kunkeshwar temple
 Devgad and most of the Sindhudurga region is gifted with a long coastal line. Kunkeshwar temple is located in Kunkeshwar village, just fourteen km from Devgad. The temple is situated in the vicinity of pristine kunkeshwar devgad beach. This white sand beach adds to the beauty of temple and area around the temple. This Shiva temple in Kunkeshwar is supposed to be built by the Yadava rulers in the 11th century. As per historic records Shivaji the great Maratha ruler once visited this beautifully carved stone temple. A cave on the east of the temple is displaying engraved male and female warriors of historic times. The Shiv-linga and nandi in the center of the temple is accompanied with a Ganesh idol, which is also worshiped by the devotees. This destination once only a tiny seaside village, recently has started capturing attention of the tourists with its alluring quiet ambiance and exclusive places of tourist importance. Kunkeshwar photos give correct idea of abundance of palm groves and coconut trees along with the exotic mangroves in their vicinity. A typical Malvani village with ancient temple, golden sandy beach makes this place a true example of beauty in simplicity. Winter is the best time to enjoy the cool breeze of the sea and to stroll along the beach side catching the glimpses of sunrise as well as sunsets. 
kunkeshwar mandir
Kunkeshwar hotels and resorts provide an opportunity to get real taste of Malvani food mostly specialized in non vegetarian items like fish curry, fish fry and kombdi vade prepared from tasty Malvani spices. Visit any hotel inMalvan and you will notice the difference of taste between Malvani cuisine prepared here, compared to the same cuisine prepared elsewhere.