Enjoy Rang Panchami Festival at Malvan

Festivals of Holi and Rang panchami are like sisters if you consider Holi as the elder one then Rang panchami is the younger sister. These festivals are celebrated normally in the month of March every year. Ranga panchami is celebrated on the next day of Holi. In Maharashtra Rangpancahmi is celebrated as the beautiful festival of colors which makes lives of the celebrators more colorful. It is a romantic festival for the younger generation which offers them lot of opportunity enjoy the celebrations with their most favorite companions. This is the only festival which is celebrated in public with no restrictions of religion, caste and creed. The young as well as the old enjoy it by throwing colors on each other, singing, dancing and merry making. Rang panchami festival in Malvan is a splendid occasion to be witnessed.

Rang Panchami Festival in Malvan

Rang Panchami in Malvan is observed on the 5th day of Phagun. “Rang Panchami”.is the festival of colors, where panchami means the fifth day of Hindu lunar month Phagun.. On this day the locals rejoice to the fullest by throwing red-powder called gulal on each other as a sign of greeting and love. In Malvan this festival is also looked upon as the great day of religious importance and the symbol of victory over raja-tama particles in the atmosphere. In Malvan villages the village deities called Gram Devata are worshipped. During Holi and Rangpanchami locals of Malvan are dressed up in traditional Maharashtrian dresses, especially the ladies look more beautiful in the typical saris and the traditional ornaments like nathni and earrings. In the villages of Malvan colors are prepared in large quantities and people are virtually dipped in the colored water. No one in the villages hesitates to take part in the celebrations and even the ladies in the households offer eatables and sweets prepared for the festivals to the celebrating gangs. Hotels near malvan beach are fully occupied during the festive period.

Rang Panchami in Malvan

In Malvan at our Hotel Sagar Kinara, we have descent celebrations of Holi and Rangpanchami. The hotels location near Malvan beach, being the central area near city enables to view huge crowds taking part in the rampant celebrations during festive period. We arrange in house cultural events and prepare special food in accordance to the festivals. Visit Sagar Kinara during the colorful festivals of Maharashtra and double your enjoyment at this flourishing tourist destination.