Beaches in Malvan

Malvan is situated on the coast of Western India. This city is well known for its historical monument, the famous Sindhudhurg fort built by the powerful Maratha King Shivaji. Being on the coastal lines, Malvan is blessed with many beautiful beaches which are also tourist attractions.

Some of the incredible beaches Malvan boasts include:
Arse Mahal Beach: - Tourists could enjoy the moments of the sea resting on a wall that was created on the boundary of the guest houses. The beach is also famous for the Navy detachment and Petrol centre which is near to the beach.
Tondavali Beach: - A very clean beach with very less crowd, perfect setting for tourists who would love to soak the atmosphere with no disturbances at all. One could also indulge in water sports activities like Banana ride.
Chivla Beach: - Located in between rocky jutting and Government guest house, the clean beach stretches up to 1.5 km with clear sands.
Tarkarli Beach: - Is the best beach, Malvan has now and it is coz of the crystal clear water and white sands. One could enjoy Snorkeling, Scuba diving and other water based activities in this beach. On the lines of backwaters of Kerala, two houseboats could be found in Tarkarli Beach.
To get maximum benefits from your vacations, you should try and stay in hotels near Malvan beaches. Luxury hotels with good restaurant would be an ideal choice for travelers. Malvani cuisine would be another thing which would drive your mind crazy.