Hotels and Rooms in Malvan

Malvan, famous for Sindhudurg Fort is a place which attracts tourists from all over India. With its beautiful sea shore, it is a paradise waiting to be explored. Tarkarli beach is located just 8 kms from Malvan and is famous for its crystal clear water. Tourists could indulge in water sports activities in this beach and unlike other beaches in India; the cost of utilizing the water sport activities is very cheap.

With back to back festivities of Christmas and New Year, Hotels in Malvan would be in a great demand. It is advisable that if you are planning to spend the last week of December in Malvan, you start booking your accommodations soon. The rush to such paradise couldn’t be controlled but it’s for sure that tourist would love their each and every moment spent in here. The climate here during this season is very chilling and a walk on the beach, especially during the night is highly recommended. Other places to view in and around Malvan include Arase Mahal, Rock Garden near Arase Mahal, Chivla Beach, Tondavali Beach, Rameshwar Temple, Devbaug Beach, Vengurla town and Vetal Mandir.
With our online booking facilities you can book your accommodations in our hotel rooms. Our rooms are well maintained and furnished with all essential facilities like in-house laundry and Air-conditioned Multi cuisine Restaurant and Internet facility. Other facilities include in-house water sports activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and Dolphin cruise. A guided trip to Sindhudurg fort is also available for our guests.

Diwali festival in Malvan

Malvan in the Konkan regions is known for its coastline and the historical monument, Sindhudurg Fort. This Diwali enjoy a vacation with your loved ones in this beautiful city of Malvan. Diwali here begins on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi.

People clean and decorate their houses with beautifully made lanterns, clay lamps, marigold flowers and mango leaves. The utensils are washed cleanly filled with water for the holy bath the following morning. This day, effigies of Narakasura filled with grass and oil are burnt to mark the triumph of good over evil Narakasura. Different varieties of Poha and sweets are made this day. These sweets are exchanged by friends and relatives. A bitter berry, known as Kareet is crushed under the feet by people, symbolizing killing of Narakasura. The festivities continue till Tulsi vivah with Lakshmi Pooja on the Diwali day and ends with Krishna Pooja on Bhaubeej. 

Since we have mentioned much about Narakasura its better we know something about him. Asura son born to Bhumidevi and Lord Vishnu, Naraka was so powerful that he bought the entire Kingdom of the world under his control. His arrogance made him steal the earnings of heavenly Goddess and also kidnap 1600 women. Lord Vishnu slewed Naraka as Krishna but his last request of celebrating his death by people of earth was granted. Since then Naraka Chaturdashi is celebrated as the first day of Diwali.
We hope that this Diwali brings you happiness and prosperity. From the entire team of Hotel Sagar Kinara, we wish you all a Happy and Safe Diwali.