Celebrate Dussehra Festival 2012 at Malvan

Malvan is a town in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, having its own distinct culture and immense natural beauty. It is also a place of great historical importance, having seen many power struggles in the past. Malvan Wildlife Sanctuary, Rock Garden, Tarkali and Chiwala beaches are major attractions for tourists. The Dussehra festival in Malvan is celebrated with great zest by locals and is a major occasion for them. This festival usually falls in the month of October every year and marks Lord Rama's victory over Ravana, a wicked king of Lanka. On this day, people exchange sweets and leaves from the Aapta tree which symbolize gold.
There are certain places in Malvan where major festivities can be witnessed on the day of Dussehra, which is also called Vijayadashami. The Dussehra festival in Malvan is celebrated as Ram Navami in Rameshwar Temple. This temple located in Achara village gets many visitors on this particular day every year. Religious programmes are held and various rituals are performed, much to the delight of tourists and residents. This temple is currently engaged in preparations for Vijayadashami 2012 celebrations and huge crowd is expected as usual on this occasion.
Excellent connectivity by road and rail would enable travellers to arrive in Malvan without any hassles. Dabolim is the nearest airport for domestic and international tourists travelling by air; who want to witness Vijayadashami festival in Malvan and indulge in its celebrations. The presence of many luxurious hotels and resorts in this town can enable them to book comfortable accommodations for a pleasant stay. They can also have plenty of modern amenities for greater convenience and their restaurants serve local delicacies along with other mouth-watering cuisines. Most of the tourist attractions are situated within a short distance and they can easily get to these destinations using private vehicles or public transport.