Malvan Travel Guide with detailed Malvan map

Malvan city is located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra state which is the southern part of the coastal Konkan. It can be easily accessed by road. Malvan is five hundred twenty km from Mumbai, four hundred km from Pune, two hundred km from Ratnagiri and just one hundred fifty km from Goa. It can be reached by train from Mumbai or Goa and the nearest railway stations are Kudal & Sindhudurga. To reach Malvan by air nearest domestic airport is at Dabholim in Goa. This city has a great historical past and the ancient monuments are the witness to the many happenings in this region. One of the great monuments is Malvan fort built by the great Maratha warrior Shivaji. This fort is intelligently built in water to protect the region from sea intruders. The other popular forts of Malvan are Vijaydurg, Devgad fort and Ramgad fort. The climate of Malvan is moderate type and it can be visited throughout the year. The best time to visit this destination is October to February. 

Malvan being a long coastal stretch there are many beautiful beaches spreading from Achare in north to Devbag in the south. Some of the popular Malvan beaches are Tarkarli beach, Malvan beach, Devbag beach, Achara beach and Vengurla Beach. Sightseeing involves many attractions like Sindhudurga fort, Kunkeshwar temple, Bhagwati temple, Jai Ganesh mandir, Rameshwar temple and Bharadidevi temple. Malvani cuisine is most popular among the cuisines of Maharashtra. It is more popular for its sea food dishes and sweets. There are many fairs and festivals in Malvan. The famous among them is the Bharadi devi yatra at Angnewadi.

Shri Bharadi Devi temple is the most popular among Malvan temples. Many devotees from nearby region rush to Malvan for getting the blessings of this deity during the fair. It lasts for one and a half day only. The geographical details are mentioned in the following Malvan map.

Malvan Map