Kokan Darshan, Beautiful Beaches in Malvan

Renowned for its beautiful natural surroundings, Konkan is an emerging tourist attraction with fabulous virgin beaches, waterfalls, mountains and greenery. Visiting all these wonderful places would offer plenty of memorable moments for any traveller.

There are Kokan Darshan tours provided by many tour operators which offer a great opportunity for tourists to explore the region in detail and get introduced to its rich cultural heritage. Its peace-loving locals are festive by nature as numerous festivals are celebrated with great zest in this region. Coastal areas of Konkan have plenty of beautiful beaches that are yet to be discovered by tourists worldwide.

Alibag is popular among many tourists, mostly the ones who come from Mumbai and Pune. It has some of the most visited Konkan beaches and visitors can also enjoy trips to a few majestic forts nearby. A place called Kihim which is located on the Mandwa-Alibag road, has an excellent, clean and long beach that can be quite relaxing and peaceful for the tourists. It also has a resort owned by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation that offers comfortable accommodation for its guests. Another popular spot in Konkan region is Ganpatipule which has a beautiful white sand beach at a stretch of 12 kilometres along its coast.

Malvan, a small city situated in Sindhudurg district, also has a rich culture and historical importance. Travellers can have an exciting time on the beaches in Malvan and find great accommodations in hotels that are strategically located. Visitors can also enjoy plenty of local cuisines consisting of mouth-watering seafood and other delicacies. Sindhudurg fort is highly recommended for tourists visiting this region as it offers an insight into its glorious past. It also provides an excellent view of sunset at Malvan beach. Another fort called Vijaydurg, situated a few distance away is also worth visiting.

Konkan railway time table and reservation

Konkan railway concept was developed and pushed forward by the veteran Konkan leaders Madhu Dandavate and George Fernandes. Earlier the two strategic port cities were not directly linked by railway. After enormous chasing by these leaders the proposal of Konkan railway was finally accepted and the long awaited rail route running through the west coast of India and Western Ghats became operational from May 1998. It is a single line track waiting to be electrified and is open to both freight and passenger traffic.

This rail route was welcomed by all the coastal cities between Mumbai and Mangalore who were highly benefitted by this convenient mode of transportation. The tremendous pressure on the state transport busses was partly released. Konkan is a beautiful region nestled partly in the Sahyadris and partly along the western coastal region. The rail route passing through many long tunnels and beautiful terrains offers a pleasant journey. If you travel by Konkan railway in the middle of the rainy season you will be able to catch some awesome views of the surrounding region. In very short span of time this route became more popular where important trains like Netravati express, Matsyagandha express and Konkan Kanya express are plying between different destinations.
Konkan Railway Time Table
Konkan Kanya express is the best train on the Konkan route to reach the most glamorous tourist destination Malvan in Maharashtra. It is at a convenient distance from the railway stations Sindhudurg and Kudal. Konkan Kanya is running between Mumbai CST and Madgaon Junction covering a distance of 580 Km and is most suitable for travelling to Goa. Konkan railway timetable and reservation facilities are available at many major stations like CST and Dadar. This monsoon Konkan railway has introduced a revised timetable operational from 10th of June to 31st October 2012. They have made a few changes in the timings of the trains to cope with slower speed of the trains during monsoon to avoid mishaps.

The major changes are as follows:

1) Tr. No 12617, Ernakulum Junction to Hazarat Nizamuddin, Mangala Express will have an early start from Ernakulum at 10.45 hrs instead of present 13.10 hrs.

2) Tr. No 16337/16338, Express trains between Ernakulum and Okha will run up to Hapa only.

3) While there will be no other change in the timings of trains going away from Kerala till Mangalore Junction, there will be change in their  timings after Mangalore Junction and at destination stations.

4) Timings of trains reaching their destination points at Ernakulum Jn/ Thiruvananthapuram Central/ Kochuveli/ Nagercoil Jn after travelling through Konkan will also have changes as published in monsoon time table.

While visiting Malvan or Goa by Konkan railways you can book the tickets online by visiting the website of Konkan railways or at the booking windows of the central railway. Make your reservations in advance since this route is busy throughout the year and especially during the festival season. There are many resorts and hotels in Malvan where you can enjoy a pleasant stay while visiting all the popular beaches, forts, temples and gardens in the region. But, accommodations provided by Hotel Sagar Kinara offers a truly comfortable stay at reasonable rates.

Malvan Travel Guide with detailed Malvan map

Malvan city is located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra state which is the southern part of the coastal Konkan. It can be easily accessed by road. Malvan is five hundred twenty km from Mumbai, four hundred km from Pune, two hundred km from Ratnagiri and just one hundred fifty km from Goa. It can be reached by train from Mumbai or Goa and the nearest railway stations are Kudal & Sindhudurga. To reach Malvan by air nearest domestic airport is at Dabholim in Goa. This city has a great historical past and the ancient monuments are the witness to the many happenings in this region. One of the great monuments is Malvan fort built by the great Maratha warrior Shivaji. This fort is intelligently built in water to protect the region from sea intruders. The other popular forts of Malvan are Vijaydurg, Devgad fort and Ramgad fort. The climate of Malvan is moderate type and it can be visited throughout the year. The best time to visit this destination is October to February. 

Malvan being a long coastal stretch there are many beautiful beaches spreading from Achare in north to Devbag in the south. Some of the popular Malvan beaches are Tarkarli beach, Malvan beach, Devbag beach, Achara beach and Vengurla Beach. Sightseeing involves many attractions like Sindhudurga fort, Kunkeshwar temple, Bhagwati temple, Jai Ganesh mandir, Rameshwar temple and Bharadidevi temple. Malvani cuisine is most popular among the cuisines of Maharashtra. It is more popular for its sea food dishes and sweets. There are many fairs and festivals in Malvan. The famous among them is the Bharadi devi yatra at Angnewadi.

Shri Bharadi Devi temple is the most popular among Malvan temples. Many devotees from nearby region rush to Malvan for getting the blessings of this deity during the fair. It lasts for one and a half day only. The geographical details are mentioned in the following Malvan map.

Malvan Map