The incredible Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg Fort
The incredible Sindhudurg fort is the pride of Malvan and entire Konkan. The fort is located near Malvan beach, just one kilometer from Malvan city on a rocky island called Kurte. When Shivaji’s attempts to conquer the island fort of Janjira near Alibag were turned unsuccessful he built this fort in 1667. Nearly one hundred Portuguese architects were called from Goa to guide the construction of this fort. The fort is located on a spacious forty eight acres of land with as many as forty two bastions. The fort can be approached from the Malvan pier by boat.

Sindhudurg Fort Entrance
It still preserves the palm and footprint of Shivaji at the entrance. Another spectacle in the fort is the temple of Shivaji, the only one of its kind through out the country. Chatrapati Shivaji’s younger son Rajaram built this temple. Surprisingly Shivaji’s idol stands in a boatman’s attire inside the temple that too without beard. There are temples of Bhavanimata, Shambhu Mahadev and Jarimiri in the vicinity. The three sweet water wells in the fort amidst Arabian Sea which never dry is a great surprise for the visitors. Another surprise is the branched coconut tree.

Shivaji Temple at Sindhudurg

The forts construction reflects Shivaji’s wisdom as a great warrior and a ruler with great vision. He appointed the most reliable Hiroji Indulkar to supervise the construction of this fort. Every care was taken to make the fort strong enough. There is a hidden passage in a temple which resembles like a reservoir. The passage travels a pretty three km distance under the fort and comes out in a nearby village which was meant for taking away the women in case of enemy attack.

Malvan beaches provide every opportunity to explore the coastal area for fun, entertainment and adventure. Watching the beautiful sunset from Malvan beach at the backdrop of the picturesque Sindhudurg fort is a fascinating thing. Hotels near Malvan beach provide every comfort to the visitors of Malvan offering the most delicious Malvan sea food dishes. Malvan hotels online booking is the most convenient way to book Malvan hotel of your choice.

How to reach Malvan?

Malvan is the ultimate tourist destination in Sindhudurg district of Maharashatra in India. It is well known for its many attractions for tourist like tranquil beaches, forts, historical monuments and superb coastline with variety of marine life. Malvan is very much popular for the spicy and tasty Malvan cuisine available in the Malvani restaurants.

If you have query in your mind how to reach Malvan, the answer is it is located near Goa and Mumbai which can be easily accessed from Goa or Mumbai. The international visitors intending to visit Malvan can reach via Dabolim airport in Goa, which is the only international airport. Dabolim airport is at a distance of only 139 Km from Malvan by road. The other option is to reach Malvan via Mumbai International airport. Distance between Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai and Malvan by road is 534 km. You can reach Malvan from Mumbai by train also. You will have to get down at Kudal or Sindhudurga stations. This destination is appealing the national and International tourists to take a short break en route Goa to Mumbai.

Among the many Malvan tourist places to visit, Sindhudurga fort is the prime attraction of Malvan. There are 52 watch towers in this fort and surprisingly three sweet water wells. Another wonder is the rarely found coconut tree with branches inside the fort. There are many ancient temples inside the fort and a temple of the great Maratha king Shivaji Maharaj. Hoards of people come to Malvan every year to visit the excellent Sindhudurga fort. While visiting Malvan don’t forget to watch the spectacular sunset at Malvan beach at the backdrop of Sindhudurga fort which is a panoramic view.

Malvan offers very cheap accommodations for the visitors. There are many hotels near the beach and in the city. Tarkarly is the most picturesque beach among the many fine sand beautiful beaches of Malvan. Luxury houseboat rides are available in Karli River at Tarkarli beach. Water of this beach is so clear that you can see the sea bed up to a depth of 15 to 20 ft or more. This provides excellent opportunities for snorkeling and to view the variety of underwater marine life.

The hotels in Malvan and resorts in Malvan can effectively handle the growing tourist traffic to the place. Visit Malvan and explore its uniqueness.