Don’t miss The Grand Fair of Bharadi devi’s to be held on 25 February 2012 at Anagewadi near Malvan

Bharadi devi temple in Anagewadi is one of the must visit places in your trip to Malvan. Especially if you are planning to visit Malvan in the month of February, it is highly recommended for you to be a part of the Grand fair of Bharadi devi in Anagewadi. In this year the fair is planned on 25 Feb 2012 and it is estimated that more than 3 Lakh’s people from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa & other states of India will be coming to enjoy the fair and get blessings of Bharadi devi.

The Bharadi devi Temple in Anganewadi is famous because of wish-fulfilling also known as “Navas” in local language. It is commonly believed by devotees that every person coming with a wish gets it fulfilled through Bharadi devi, and after getting a wish fulfilled the devotee visits again to express gratitude and take blessings.

The local villagers of Anagewadi come together and go for hunting of wild animals, which is later offered as “Prasad” to the goddess. The flesh of animal is than cooked and distributed among the villagers. There are lots more happenings in the fair which we recommend you to experience by visiting personally.

Anganewadi is a small village very close to Malvan city; hence, most of the visitors prefer staying at Hotels in Malvan. Sagar Kinara in Malvan will be the best destination for you to stay while planning to visit the grand fair of Bharadi devi. We also offer well suited travelling facility to reach Anganewadi, so what are you waiting for? Get a room booked now at Hotel Sagar Kinara!!!

Christmas and New Year celebrations at Malvan, the nearby get away to Mumbai

We had heard a lot about Malvan the nearby get away to Mumbai and Pune, so thought of visiting Malvan in December. As the schools were closed because of Christmas vacations and we were in a mood to utilize the yearly leaves that were going to lapse if not taken before the end of the year. A week long stay at Malvan was planned by us and we reached Malvan on 23rd of December.

As we were visiting Malvan for the first time we contacted the local travel office for a medium budget hotel at a prime location. The agency suggested us that Hotel Sagar Kinara will be matching our requirements. We checked in on 23rd December and decided to take some rest before venturing out. After taking little rest in the hotel we visited the seashore close to the hotel. Our kids were busy making castles of sand and we enjoyed the warm surroundings of the beach. While chatting with the locals on the beach we gathered from them that Malvan had a great tourist potential and they had many water activities in Malvan which were quite unique. We visited Sindhudurg fort, the prime attraction of the place, which portrayed ideas about the great architecture or fort building techniques of that time.

Next day we visited Devgad, the popular place for the Alphonso mangoes and also the Devgad fort. We celebrated our Christmas Eve in the hotels amidst other tourists. We also visited nearby places like Kunkeshwar temple, caves and Devgad fort. We also celebrated our New Years Eve at the hotel which was beautifully decorated with some fantastic Malvani food treat. After a weeks celebrations finally we returned to Mumbai with sweet memories of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations at Malvan.