New Year 2013 Celebration in Malvan

With the great efforts of the Maharashtra Tourism Department Malvan is actively brought on the Map of Maharashtra tourism. Once this city near Goa sleeping silently in the lap of nature has now started getting busy with the arrival of tourists from different parts of the world. MTDC has provided many modern facilities for the tourists. These great efforts have started bearing fruits at the destination attracting more tourists. There are many New Year parties in Malvan arranged in the hotels and resorts.

Hindus are in majority in this city, still Christmas and New Years celebrations are observed in full fledge. The historical churches in Malvan are decorated during Christmas and New Year eve. Even there are a few cultural New Year events in Malavan. The buzz of New Year’s celebrations is seen at the incredible beaches of Malvan, since the hotels and restaurants are located near these beaches. Visitors and tourists are flocking to the beaches to get the exclusive touch of the celebrations. Shopping at the stalls and enjoying the incredible tasty Malvani food displayed at the beach restaurants is another attraction. The celebrations continue till late night. Sagar Kinara our budget hotel in Malvan is already geared up with preparations of the New Year celebrations. We invite you all at our hotel for a grand celebration on New Years Eve to welcome 2013 with great cheers while tasting the best branded liquor and incredible Malvani food supported by Chinese and other delicious cusines. Located on the Malvan beach at Somwar Peth you can easily access our hotel as it is much popular in the region. It is the affordable budget hotel in Malavan offering Luxurious stay in front of the historical Malvan fort which is the pride of this destination.

Our spacious sixteen room hotel is best for families visiting during Christmas or New Year Eve in Malvan. After the exotic party you can even stroll on the seashore, listening to the music of the waves or watching the beautiful dwindling lights of the fishing trawlers in the deep sea. In order to experience an invigorating New Year celebration 2013 in Malvan, visit Hotel Sagar Kinara for enjoying the ultimate experience of munching most popular Malvan fish delicacies.

Sightseeing in Malvan

Malvan is a place well known for its historical monumental, the Sindhudhurg fort. It is situated just 514 kms away from Mumbai. Malvan is also popular for their unique cuisine. Coconut, Rice and Fish form the major ingredients in their cuisine. There are many tourists who flock to Malvan to catch the glimpse of this beautiful town. There are many tour operates in cities like Mumbai and Pune that offers sightseeing facilities in Malvan.

Here you could find list of attractions that abode in the town Malvan.

Sindhudurg Fort - When translated in English, Sindhudurg means Ocean Fort. It was built by the great Maratha Warrior Chatrapathi Shivaji during his reign in Maharashtra. The fort was built within a span of three years and it took more than 1000 workers to build it. It is been said that the base of the monument was created from 4000 moulds of iron. The fort is spread over 40 acres with 42 bastions.

Tarkarli Beach - Located at a distance of 8 km from Malvan town is famous for its crystal clear water and water based activities. The concept of houseboats have been lately introduced here, inspired from the backwaters of Kerala.

The Rock Garden - This well maintained garden is situated on the rocky shore of Malvan near the Arase Mahal.

Aangnechi Wadi - Located at a distance of 10 Km from Malvan, Aangnechi Wadi or Aangnewadi is famous for Bharadi Devi Temple. There is a annual fair hosted in this town in the month of February.

Rameshwar Temple - Located in Achara region, this temple is devoted to Lord Shiva and is also known as Inamdar Shri Dev Rameshwar.

Hotels and Rooms in Malvan

Malvan, famous for Sindhudurg Fort is a place which attracts tourists from all over India. With its beautiful sea shore, it is a paradise waiting to be explored. Tarkarli beach is located just 8 kms from Malvan and is famous for its crystal clear water. Tourists could indulge in water sports activities in this beach and unlike other beaches in India; the cost of utilizing the water sport activities is very cheap.

With back to back festivities of Christmas and New Year, Hotels in Malvan would be in a great demand. It is advisable that if you are planning to spend the last week of December in Malvan, you start booking your accommodations soon. The rush to such paradise couldn’t be controlled but it’s for sure that tourist would love their each and every moment spent in here. The climate here during this season is very chilling and a walk on the beach, especially during the night is highly recommended. Other places to view in and around Malvan include Arase Mahal, Rock Garden near Arase Mahal, Chivla Beach, Tondavali Beach, Rameshwar Temple, Devbaug Beach, Vengurla town and Vetal Mandir.
With our online booking facilities you can book your accommodations in our hotel rooms. Our rooms are well maintained and furnished with all essential facilities like in-house laundry and Air-conditioned Multi cuisine Restaurant and Internet facility. Other facilities include in-house water sports activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and Dolphin cruise. A guided trip to Sindhudurg fort is also available for our guests.

Diwali festival in Malvan

Malvan in the Konkan regions is known for its coastline and the historical monument, Sindhudurg Fort. This Diwali enjoy a vacation with your loved ones in this beautiful city of Malvan. Diwali here begins on the day of Naraka Chaturdashi.

People clean and decorate their houses with beautifully made lanterns, clay lamps, marigold flowers and mango leaves. The utensils are washed cleanly filled with water for the holy bath the following morning. This day, effigies of Narakasura filled with grass and oil are burnt to mark the triumph of good over evil Narakasura. Different varieties of Poha and sweets are made this day. These sweets are exchanged by friends and relatives. A bitter berry, known as Kareet is crushed under the feet by people, symbolizing killing of Narakasura. The festivities continue till Tulsi vivah with Lakshmi Pooja on the Diwali day and ends with Krishna Pooja on Bhaubeej. 

Since we have mentioned much about Narakasura its better we know something about him. Asura son born to Bhumidevi and Lord Vishnu, Naraka was so powerful that he bought the entire Kingdom of the world under his control. His arrogance made him steal the earnings of heavenly Goddess and also kidnap 1600 women. Lord Vishnu slewed Naraka as Krishna but his last request of celebrating his death by people of earth was granted. Since then Naraka Chaturdashi is celebrated as the first day of Diwali.
We hope that this Diwali brings you happiness and prosperity. From the entire team of Hotel Sagar Kinara, we wish you all a Happy and Safe Diwali.

Celebrate Dussehra Festival 2012 at Malvan

Malvan is a town in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, having its own distinct culture and immense natural beauty. It is also a place of great historical importance, having seen many power struggles in the past. Malvan Wildlife Sanctuary, Rock Garden, Tarkali and Chiwala beaches are major attractions for tourists. The Dussehra festival in Malvan is celebrated with great zest by locals and is a major occasion for them. This festival usually falls in the month of October every year and marks Lord Rama's victory over Ravana, a wicked king of Lanka. On this day, people exchange sweets and leaves from the Aapta tree which symbolize gold.
There are certain places in Malvan where major festivities can be witnessed on the day of Dussehra, which is also called Vijayadashami. The Dussehra festival in Malvan is celebrated as Ram Navami in Rameshwar Temple. This temple located in Achara village gets many visitors on this particular day every year. Religious programmes are held and various rituals are performed, much to the delight of tourists and residents. This temple is currently engaged in preparations for Vijayadashami 2012 celebrations and huge crowd is expected as usual on this occasion.
Excellent connectivity by road and rail would enable travellers to arrive in Malvan without any hassles. Dabolim is the nearest airport for domestic and international tourists travelling by air; who want to witness Vijayadashami festival in Malvan and indulge in its celebrations. The presence of many luxurious hotels and resorts in this town can enable them to book comfortable accommodations for a pleasant stay. They can also have plenty of modern amenities for greater convenience and their restaurants serve local delicacies along with other mouth-watering cuisines. Most of the tourist attractions are situated within a short distance and they can easily get to these destinations using private vehicles or public transport.

Kokan Darshan, Beautiful Beaches in Malvan

Renowned for its beautiful natural surroundings, Konkan is an emerging tourist attraction with fabulous virgin beaches, waterfalls, mountains and greenery. Visiting all these wonderful places would offer plenty of memorable moments for any traveller.

There are Kokan Darshan tours provided by many tour operators which offer a great opportunity for tourists to explore the region in detail and get introduced to its rich cultural heritage. Its peace-loving locals are festive by nature as numerous festivals are celebrated with great zest in this region. Coastal areas of Konkan have plenty of beautiful beaches that are yet to be discovered by tourists worldwide.

Alibag is popular among many tourists, mostly the ones who come from Mumbai and Pune. It has some of the most visited Konkan beaches and visitors can also enjoy trips to a few majestic forts nearby. A place called Kihim which is located on the Mandwa-Alibag road, has an excellent, clean and long beach that can be quite relaxing and peaceful for the tourists. It also has a resort owned by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation that offers comfortable accommodation for its guests. Another popular spot in Konkan region is Ganpatipule which has a beautiful white sand beach at a stretch of 12 kilometres along its coast.

Malvan, a small city situated in Sindhudurg district, also has a rich culture and historical importance. Travellers can have an exciting time on the beaches in Malvan and find great accommodations in hotels that are strategically located. Visitors can also enjoy plenty of local cuisines consisting of mouth-watering seafood and other delicacies. Sindhudurg fort is highly recommended for tourists visiting this region as it offers an insight into its glorious past. It also provides an excellent view of sunset at Malvan beach. Another fort called Vijaydurg, situated a few distance away is also worth visiting.

Konkan railway time table and reservation

Konkan railway concept was developed and pushed forward by the veteran Konkan leaders Madhu Dandavate and George Fernandes. Earlier the two strategic port cities were not directly linked by railway. After enormous chasing by these leaders the proposal of Konkan railway was finally accepted and the long awaited rail route running through the west coast of India and Western Ghats became operational from May 1998. It is a single line track waiting to be electrified and is open to both freight and passenger traffic.

This rail route was welcomed by all the coastal cities between Mumbai and Mangalore who were highly benefitted by this convenient mode of transportation. The tremendous pressure on the state transport busses was partly released. Konkan is a beautiful region nestled partly in the Sahyadris and partly along the western coastal region. The rail route passing through many long tunnels and beautiful terrains offers a pleasant journey. If you travel by Konkan railway in the middle of the rainy season you will be able to catch some awesome views of the surrounding region. In very short span of time this route became more popular where important trains like Netravati express, Matsyagandha express and Konkan Kanya express are plying between different destinations.
Konkan Railway Time Table
Konkan Kanya express is the best train on the Konkan route to reach the most glamorous tourist destination Malvan in Maharashtra. It is at a convenient distance from the railway stations Sindhudurg and Kudal. Konkan Kanya is running between Mumbai CST and Madgaon Junction covering a distance of 580 Km and is most suitable for travelling to Goa. Konkan railway timetable and reservation facilities are available at many major stations like CST and Dadar. This monsoon Konkan railway has introduced a revised timetable operational from 10th of June to 31st October 2012. They have made a few changes in the timings of the trains to cope with slower speed of the trains during monsoon to avoid mishaps.

The major changes are as follows:

1) Tr. No 12617, Ernakulum Junction to Hazarat Nizamuddin, Mangala Express will have an early start from Ernakulum at 10.45 hrs instead of present 13.10 hrs.

2) Tr. No 16337/16338, Express trains between Ernakulum and Okha will run up to Hapa only.

3) While there will be no other change in the timings of trains going away from Kerala till Mangalore Junction, there will be change in their  timings after Mangalore Junction and at destination stations.

4) Timings of trains reaching their destination points at Ernakulum Jn/ Thiruvananthapuram Central/ Kochuveli/ Nagercoil Jn after travelling through Konkan will also have changes as published in monsoon time table.

While visiting Malvan or Goa by Konkan railways you can book the tickets online by visiting the website of Konkan railways or at the booking windows of the central railway. Make your reservations in advance since this route is busy throughout the year and especially during the festival season. There are many resorts and hotels in Malvan where you can enjoy a pleasant stay while visiting all the popular beaches, forts, temples and gardens in the region. But, accommodations provided by Hotel Sagar Kinara offers a truly comfortable stay at reasonable rates.

Malvan Travel Guide with detailed Malvan map

Malvan city is located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra state which is the southern part of the coastal Konkan. It can be easily accessed by road. Malvan is five hundred twenty km from Mumbai, four hundred km from Pune, two hundred km from Ratnagiri and just one hundred fifty km from Goa. It can be reached by train from Mumbai or Goa and the nearest railway stations are Kudal & Sindhudurga. To reach Malvan by air nearest domestic airport is at Dabholim in Goa. This city has a great historical past and the ancient monuments are the witness to the many happenings in this region. One of the great monuments is Malvan fort built by the great Maratha warrior Shivaji. This fort is intelligently built in water to protect the region from sea intruders. The other popular forts of Malvan are Vijaydurg, Devgad fort and Ramgad fort. The climate of Malvan is moderate type and it can be visited throughout the year. The best time to visit this destination is October to February. 

Malvan being a long coastal stretch there are many beautiful beaches spreading from Achare in north to Devbag in the south. Some of the popular Malvan beaches are Tarkarli beach, Malvan beach, Devbag beach, Achara beach and Vengurla Beach. Sightseeing involves many attractions like Sindhudurga fort, Kunkeshwar temple, Bhagwati temple, Jai Ganesh mandir, Rameshwar temple and Bharadidevi temple. Malvani cuisine is most popular among the cuisines of Maharashtra. It is more popular for its sea food dishes and sweets. There are many fairs and festivals in Malvan. The famous among them is the Bharadi devi yatra at Angnewadi.

Shri Bharadi Devi temple is the most popular among Malvan temples. Many devotees from nearby region rush to Malvan for getting the blessings of this deity during the fair. It lasts for one and a half day only. The geographical details are mentioned in the following Malvan map.

Malvan Map

Malvani Food the incredible gift of Konkan

Malvani Chicken Curry
Malvan, located on the coastal region of Maharashtra is very much popular for its spicy, tasty and appetizing Malvani food. Malvani masala is the secret behind the taste of this delectable Malvani cuisine. Since this region has abundant sea food, Malvani food is dominated with many varieties of delicious fish and non vegetarian dishes.
Malvani Fish Curry

Some of the must taste tasty delicacies to be mentioned are Mori masala, Bangda fry, Bombil fry and Malvani mutton curry. Phansachi Bhaji and Kaju chi Aamti are among the tasty vegetarian dishes. After consuming these foods a pink color appetizer made from kokam fruit called Sol Kadhi is a must to conclude the treat. 

Malvani Special - Kombdi Vade
The sweet dishes include Kharpoli, Malpua and Dhondas. This cuisine has lot of similarities with Govan cuisine which makes use of coconut in various forms like wet shredded, dry grated, paste and coconut milk. Even though such grubs are available in Maharashtra and other states, specially visit this place to get the unforgettable taste of Malvani fish curry. Whenever you visit Malvan don’t forget to get the flavorful Masala in order to get real taste of Malvan cuisine at your home.

Malvani Fish Fry
Other typical purchase while returning is Malvani Khaja and Ladoos. Main attraction of this destination is the number of tranquil beaches which offer their own identical charm and serenity. Restaurants in Malvan near this explicit beaches offer great opportunity for visitors to savor the taste of the delicious food and enjoy a classic vacation at this popular tourist destination.

Malvani Prawns Curry
The great popularity of this food variety has triggered many event managers to arrange special Malvani food festivals at different venues in the state.

Even in and around Mumbai regular Malvani fairs called Malvan Jatra are arranged to introduce specialties of Malvan to the city dwellers. From large variety of dishes the Malvani Chicken dish and Kombdi vade has reached great heights of popularity among the foodies. These fairs are mainly concentrating on displaying the awesome Malvan food items along with the Malvani Masalas.

Malvan Tourism – Beaches in Malvan, Forts and other Tourist Attractions

Malvan has undergone drastic changes during past few years. Interestingly this typical konkan city in Maharashtra neighboring Goa has started attracting many tourists recently. Visiting Malvan has become more convenient than before. It can be easily reached by rail and road. Major attractions like forts, temples, beaches, gardens and Marine Park preserving the secrets of marine life make Malvan popular destination on the map of Maharashtra. Some of the prime attractions are:

Sindhudurg sea fort –
It is the pride of Malvan having a great historical background and a treasure of miracles enveloped inside. It was built by Shivaji the great Maratha king on a rocky island in the waters of Malvan which surprises the tourists. In order to make the fort strong enough the foundation stones were laid in molten lead. There are as good as forty two bastions and a secret underground tunnel to take away the ladies during war time emergency.
Tarkarli Beach – located at the convergence of Arabian Sea and Karli River is a beach with clear waters. The clarity of the waters unable a vision of the sea bed up to a depth of twenty feet. It is best venue for the adventure lovers with availability of water sports facilities like snorkeling and scuba diving. Also this is the place to get the taste of the tasty Malvani cuisine and variety of sea food dishes.

Rock Garden – It is located on the rocky shore of Malvan near Arase mahal. It is the best place to spend your leisure time.

Jai Ganesh Temple – is situated in Medha locality of the city. The idol of the presiding deity shree Ganesha is made of pure gold. Ganesh Jayanti a five-day annual festival of is celebrated on 4th Day of Magh.

Tondavali Beach – is located at nineteen km to north of Malvan which is an exotic white sand beach. It is the best destination for the nature lovers and to those who are looking for serenity.

Malvani cuisine is the treat for everyone and especially to those who are always in search of tasty food. The popularity of this cuisine has spread through out the country.

Malvan tourism is enriched by many aspects like the culture, cuisine, historical monuments, recreational facilities and above all the lovely people of this region.

Hotels in Malvan are keen in providing the best options of accommodations with many other additional facilities.

The incredible Sindhudurg Fort

Sindhudurg Fort
The incredible Sindhudurg fort is the pride of Malvan and entire Konkan. The fort is located near Malvan beach, just one kilometer from Malvan city on a rocky island called Kurte. When Shivaji’s attempts to conquer the island fort of Janjira near Alibag were turned unsuccessful he built this fort in 1667. Nearly one hundred Portuguese architects were called from Goa to guide the construction of this fort. The fort is located on a spacious forty eight acres of land with as many as forty two bastions. The fort can be approached from the Malvan pier by boat.

Sindhudurg Fort Entrance
It still preserves the palm and footprint of Shivaji at the entrance. Another spectacle in the fort is the temple of Shivaji, the only one of its kind through out the country. Chatrapati Shivaji’s younger son Rajaram built this temple. Surprisingly Shivaji’s idol stands in a boatman’s attire inside the temple that too without beard. There are temples of Bhavanimata, Shambhu Mahadev and Jarimiri in the vicinity. The three sweet water wells in the fort amidst Arabian Sea which never dry is a great surprise for the visitors. Another surprise is the branched coconut tree.

Shivaji Temple at Sindhudurg

The forts construction reflects Shivaji’s wisdom as a great warrior and a ruler with great vision. He appointed the most reliable Hiroji Indulkar to supervise the construction of this fort. Every care was taken to make the fort strong enough. There is a hidden passage in a temple which resembles like a reservoir. The passage travels a pretty three km distance under the fort and comes out in a nearby village which was meant for taking away the women in case of enemy attack.

Malvan beaches provide every opportunity to explore the coastal area for fun, entertainment and adventure. Watching the beautiful sunset from Malvan beach at the backdrop of the picturesque Sindhudurg fort is a fascinating thing. Hotels near Malvan beach provide every comfort to the visitors of Malvan offering the most delicious Malvan sea food dishes. Malvan hotels online booking is the most convenient way to book Malvan hotel of your choice.

How to reach Malvan?

Malvan is the ultimate tourist destination in Sindhudurg district of Maharashatra in India. It is well known for its many attractions for tourist like tranquil beaches, forts, historical monuments and superb coastline with variety of marine life. Malvan is very much popular for the spicy and tasty Malvan cuisine available in the Malvani restaurants.

If you have query in your mind how to reach Malvan, the answer is it is located near Goa and Mumbai which can be easily accessed from Goa or Mumbai. The international visitors intending to visit Malvan can reach via Dabolim airport in Goa, which is the only international airport. Dabolim airport is at a distance of only 139 Km from Malvan by road. The other option is to reach Malvan via Mumbai International airport. Distance between Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai and Malvan by road is 534 km. You can reach Malvan from Mumbai by train also. You will have to get down at Kudal or Sindhudurga stations. This destination is appealing the national and International tourists to take a short break en route Goa to Mumbai.

Among the many Malvan tourist places to visit, Sindhudurga fort is the prime attraction of Malvan. There are 52 watch towers in this fort and surprisingly three sweet water wells. Another wonder is the rarely found coconut tree with branches inside the fort. There are many ancient temples inside the fort and a temple of the great Maratha king Shivaji Maharaj. Hoards of people come to Malvan every year to visit the excellent Sindhudurga fort. While visiting Malvan don’t forget to watch the spectacular sunset at Malvan beach at the backdrop of Sindhudurga fort which is a panoramic view.

Malvan offers very cheap accommodations for the visitors. There are many hotels near the beach and in the city. Tarkarly is the most picturesque beach among the many fine sand beautiful beaches of Malvan. Luxury houseboat rides are available in Karli River at Tarkarli beach. Water of this beach is so clear that you can see the sea bed up to a depth of 15 to 20 ft or more. This provides excellent opportunities for snorkeling and to view the variety of underwater marine life.

The hotels in Malvan and resorts in Malvan can effectively handle the growing tourist traffic to the place. Visit Malvan and explore its uniqueness.

Monsoon Magic Holiday Packages for Goa and Malvan at unbeatable prizes

In its trend to offer incredible Holiday packages Panoramic Group is offering unbelievable Monsoon Magic Holiday packages for Goa and Malvan, especially for couples. You can explore world famous Goa beaches and the serene beaches at Malvan at an unbeatable prize. These are holiday packages for couples and two children under the age of five years. Do not miss this great chance to enjoy the most popular destinations Goa and Malvan at rock bottom prizes.

For enjoying the exclusive monsoon breeze at the Malvan beach you can avail one of the much economical Monsoon Holiday packages. The first Goa/Malvan package at Rs 18499/- per couple is for 3 nights and 4 Days. It will include two nights stay at Goa and one night stay at Malvan. Pick up by taxi will be available from airport or railway station at Goa. The package also include welcome drink, breakfast, lunch or dinner and mid evening tea/coffee. We will provide two bottles of beer per day complimentary at Goa hotel. You can enjoy two full days sight seeing by A/C Coach in Goa. If weather permits you can also enjoy cruise on Mandavi River. To travel from Goa to Malvan, drop from Malvan to Goa airport or railway station and sightseeing at Malvan will be by A/C car.

The second Goa/Malvan package is at Rs 8499/- per couple for 3 nights and 4 days. It includes 2 nights stay at Goa in a double bed room accommodation and one night stay at Malvan in our hotel. You will be served a welcome drink, breakfast, lunch or dinner and mid evening tea/coffee. Experience the undulating rain showers and the blissful surroundings in these Goa and Malvan holidays.

Have a great time at Sagar Kinara in Malvan near the historical Sindhudurg fort. Visit the beaches while it is raining and get the exclusive views of the Malvan coast and its surroundings. Many tourists visit Goa during the rainy season for enjoying the unique experience to stroll the Colva beach under rainy showers. You can also enjoy Goan and Malvani food delicacies at these destinations. We assure that you will enjoy great time and relaxation during this Monsoon package to Goa and Malvan. The package cost is all inclusive of taxes.

Malvan True introduction of Konkan

Summer is approaching when everyone is busy to schedule their summer vacations. The hill stations and other popular summer destinations are already saturated with visitors. In this situation if you are looking for a nearby getaway to beat the summer heat, then Malvan in Konkan is the best option. The summer heat can be encountered by drinking locally available kokum sharbat which protects body from the common summer disorders. Taste the incredible Konkani Mewa which is a combination of fruits, fish, and many other nutritious food items. The fruits like Mango, Jackfruit, Jambhul and Cashew nut are normally available in the summer months only. Summer vacations at Malvan will provide you with ample opportunities to taste the popular Konkani food. Konkani dishes are one of the essential features of Malvani food specialties, which will make you a satisfied foodie.

Enjoy Konkani Meva at Hotel Sagar Kinara Malvan
Malvan and its surrounding region is full of attractions for the visitors like the Sindhudurg fort, Devgad fort, Tarkarli beach, Malvan beach, Chivala beach, Dhamapur Lake and Bharadidevi temple at Anganewadi. At the annual Anganewadi fair, devotees from neighboring places gather for offering prayers. Malvan beaches are different from the beaches in Goa. They are serene and less occupied. Visit the beaches early morning for exploring their beauty and catching the glimpses of various seashore activities. You can stay at Hotel Sagar Kinara, Malvan and explore the beauty of the nearby forts and beaches. You can expect a daily surprise of variety of Konkani food here. Even the regular Menu card at the hotel offers a list of delicious Konkani dishes.

This summer visit Hotel Sagar Kinara with your family and friends and get refreshed with the coastal hospitality. While going back take the memories of Malvan and the delectable Konkani Meva.

Why is Gudi Padwa celebrated?

Gudi Padwa will be celebrated on 23 March 2012. No doubt people all around India are curiously waiting for this day to worship Gudi. It is believed that worshiping Gudi early morning eradicates the evil spirit. But many of us are unaware of the mythical tale behind Gudi Padwa.

There are two admired chronicles behind this day. One is on this day Lord Brahma created the Universe and other is when Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of banvas. Hence, the day is considered auspicious and people celebrate it by hosting Gudi and performing ritualistic worship.

Gudi Padwa is also celebrated in Malvan, to know more about Gudi Padwa celebration in Malvan and to Book Malvan hotels online visit

Shimgyachi Holi 2012 - Traditional way of Holi Celebration in Malvan

Shimgyachi Holi (Konkani name for "Holi") is a famous festival celebrated in every state of India, but each state has different way and tradition for celebration. One of the popular traditions of Holi celebration can be observed in Konkan region. That’s the reason, why thousands of people visit Malvan to be a part of the Holi festival and experience the enjoyable Holi celebration. It is estimated that this year’s Holi celebration in 2012 is going to attract a record breaking visitors to Malvan.

There are number of stories and myths behind the tradition of Holi Festival, but the one that is more popular is the legend of Bhakt Prahlad's victory and the defeat of his aunt 'Holika'. It was the day, when a mighty demon king Hiranyakashyap, also the father of Bhakt Prahlad, planned to kill his son with the help of his sister Holika. Bhakt Prahlad was a great follower of Lord Narayana, which was opposed by his father. Prahlad’s aunt Holika was blessed with a boon, due to which she was prevented from any destruction of fire. Hence, Hiranyakashyap made a plan instructing his sister to sit on fire with his son. However, the opposite happened, Prahlad survived and Holika was charred to death.

Thus Holi is celebrated to honor the victory of virtue over evil by burning statute of Holika also known as Holika Dahan. Usually a log of woods is kept in a public place considering as a replica of Holika. Later this replica of Holika is burnt and prasad (coconut and sweet) is distributed to the people. One the second day people play with colors, it the festival of holi is popularly known as the festival of colors.

holika dahan Holi festival celebration 2012 in malvan

Don’t miss The Grand Fair of Bharadi devi’s to be held on 25 February 2012 at Anagewadi near Malvan

Bharadi devi temple in Anagewadi is one of the must visit places in your trip to Malvan. Especially if you are planning to visit Malvan in the month of February, it is highly recommended for you to be a part of the Grand fair of Bharadi devi in Anagewadi. In this year the fair is planned on 25 Feb 2012 and it is estimated that more than 3 Lakh’s people from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa & other states of India will be coming to enjoy the fair and get blessings of Bharadi devi.

The Bharadi devi Temple in Anganewadi is famous because of wish-fulfilling also known as “Navas” in local language. It is commonly believed by devotees that every person coming with a wish gets it fulfilled through Bharadi devi, and after getting a wish fulfilled the devotee visits again to express gratitude and take blessings.

The local villagers of Anagewadi come together and go for hunting of wild animals, which is later offered as “Prasad” to the goddess. The flesh of animal is than cooked and distributed among the villagers. There are lots more happenings in the fair which we recommend you to experience by visiting personally.

Anganewadi is a small village very close to Malvan city; hence, most of the visitors prefer staying at Hotels in Malvan. Sagar Kinara in Malvan will be the best destination for you to stay while planning to visit the grand fair of Bharadi devi. We also offer well suited travelling facility to reach Anganewadi, so what are you waiting for? Get a room booked now at Hotel Sagar Kinara!!!

Christmas and New Year celebrations at Malvan, the nearby get away to Mumbai

We had heard a lot about Malvan the nearby get away to Mumbai and Pune, so thought of visiting Malvan in December. As the schools were closed because of Christmas vacations and we were in a mood to utilize the yearly leaves that were going to lapse if not taken before the end of the year. A week long stay at Malvan was planned by us and we reached Malvan on 23rd of December.

As we were visiting Malvan for the first time we contacted the local travel office for a medium budget hotel at a prime location. The agency suggested us that Hotel Sagar Kinara will be matching our requirements. We checked in on 23rd December and decided to take some rest before venturing out. After taking little rest in the hotel we visited the seashore close to the hotel. Our kids were busy making castles of sand and we enjoyed the warm surroundings of the beach. While chatting with the locals on the beach we gathered from them that Malvan had a great tourist potential and they had many water activities in Malvan which were quite unique. We visited Sindhudurg fort, the prime attraction of the place, which portrayed ideas about the great architecture or fort building techniques of that time.

Next day we visited Devgad, the popular place for the Alphonso mangoes and also the Devgad fort. We celebrated our Christmas Eve in the hotels amidst other tourists. We also visited nearby places like Kunkeshwar temple, caves and Devgad fort. We also celebrated our New Years Eve at the hotel which was beautifully decorated with some fantastic Malvani food treat. After a weeks celebrations finally we returned to Mumbai with sweet memories of Christmas and New Year’s celebrations at Malvan.