Top 5 Places to visit in Malvan, Kokan Maharashtra

Malvan is great place with beautiful beaches and lots more attractive sights; however it is specially chosen by tourist in search of incredible and not so busy tourist places to enjoy with family, friends or loved ones. Hence, if you are too planning for a pleasant vacation trip to uncrowded and natural refreshing place, Malvan is one of the best options for you. But once you have made your plan to visit Malvan it is essential that you list down places to be visited in your trip. Some of the most liked and recommended sights in Malvan are given below:

  • Malvan Beach (Tarkarli beach): It is an amazing long and narrow beach with crystal clear water. You can easily view the sea bed and marine life in the sea with your naked eyes.
  • Tarkarli Beach, Malvan
  • Sindhudurga Fort: Just opposite to Malvan beach, Sindhudurga Fort is an ancient Fort built by The Great Maratha King Shivaji in 16 century. To reach this fort you have to go by ferryboat arranged at Malvan beach.
  • Sindhudurg Fort, Malvan
  • Adventure Sports at Malvan Beach: Visiting Beaches without trying out the breath taking water sports is not a fair deal; hence, it is highly recommended for you to tryout adventurous beach sports such as, surfing, scuba diving, parasailing, etc.
  • Beach Sports, Malvan
  • Malvani Cuisine: Don’t miss out the delicious Malvani cuisine such as, Kombdi Vade, Malvani fish curry, Mori masala, Malvani Mutton Curry and obviously Solkadhi (drink made from coconut milk and Kokam); there are many more delicious Malvani food which you can easily have on your plate at restaurants in Malvan.
  • Malvani Cuisine, Restaurant in Malvan
  • Malvan Village: To experience the Malvan culture it is recommended to visit villages surrounding the beaches. Malvani peoples are basically fishermen or into fishery business. The best time to explore Malvan culture is by visiting the place during festivals and fairs.
  • Malvan Culture, Malvan Village

Hope this article has somehow helped you in making a list of places to visit in Malvan. There are lots more attractive tourist places in Malvan, if you need more details feel free to contact us online at Sagar Kinara, Malvan. Don’t forget to reserve your hotel in Malvan before arrival, for online hotel booking visit Hotel Sagar Kinara, Malvan. If this article was helpful to you please post your valuable comments below, we are always ready to please you and help you clearing your doubts and questions.